Studies on water transfer plans of Golestan Province’s industries

Studies on water transfer plans of Golestan Province’s industries from Bustan, Golestan, and Normab dams


Contract number: P. 11272/305/1400/23

Contract Date: 09.12.2021

Contract period: 6 months

Employer: Golestan Regional Water Company

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various plans have been made on the surface water resources of Golestan province, as well as constructed, under construction, and under-study reservoir dams. This indicates that part of the water controlled by them is intended for use in the industrial sector. However, the investigation of how to use the water of the industrial sector in the large reservoir dams shows that almost all of the Golestan’s capacity has remained unused. This being the case, the Golestan regional water company has made a transmission and distribution system of water to the northern industries of Golestan province.

Creating this system, on the one hand, solves part of the industry’s concern about water supply, and on the other hand, the suspended capacity of dams will be used as an industrial water supply. In addition, the economic justification will reach the expected level, and most importantly employment and added value will grow significantly. 

Plan Objectives

The main purpose of the project is to collect the amount of water allocated for the Bustan, Golestan, and Normab dams and transfer it to a suitable place for water treatment. In the next stage, the purified water will be transferred to the northern and northwestern areas of the Golestan province for supplying the water to the Atrak and Incheh Borun industrial towns.


Geographical Location

The water supply of the three industrial towns of Gonbad Kavous, Aq Qala, Atrak, and Incheh Borun is one of the services of the company in this project. Its geographical location and access path are shown in the picture below.

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