Studies on water supply plan of Fajr-Navar Marz complex

Contract number and date: 709/96, 2.1.2018

First and second stage studies of water supply project to Fajr-Navar Marz

۲٫ The appearance of the plan
The project area is located in the Atrak and Gorganrood catchment areas, the northern part of Golestan province. Climatic conditions of this area on the one hand and the lithological properties of rocks and sediments composed of highlands and plains on the other hand have caused the rich available groundwater resources in this area to be severely limited. For this reason, water supply for drinking and sanitary purposes has not been developed much, so except for a small number of villages that are supplied from water sources, other villages do not have hygienic water for drinking.

In this project, design and water supply studies of 2 cities and 108 villages have been implemented in Golestan province.

3. The plan’s objectivesThe purpose of this project is to supply water to the northern villages of Gonbad, and 16 villages of Maraveh Tappeh.

4. Geographical location
The study area is a part of Gonbad’s villages, which has been extended from 37 to 38 degrees of north latitude and 45 to 55 degrees of east longitude.
It has also been included a part of Maravah Tappeh’s villages, which has been extended from 37 to 38 degrees of north latitude and 55 to 59 degrees of east longitude.

5. the performed activities
Studying and designing the water supply to 108 villages and 2 cities in Golestan province, and arranging 4 volumes of studies:
Volume 1: Population Studies and Water Requirement Plan
Volume 2: Geological Studies
Volume 3: Studying the status of existing water supply facilities
Volume 4: Design studies of storage tanks

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