Studies to determine the bed and area of the Aji Su, Gharghajiq, and Anneh Keri rivers

Contract number: 10162/312/96 /

Contract specifications:

۱. Contract specifications:

• Contract Title: Studies to determine the bed and area of the Aji Su, Gharghajiq, and Anneh Keri rivers

• Contract number: 10162/312/96 / 

• Contract Date: 08.29.2017

•Contract period: 2 months

•Employer: Golestan Regional Water Company


Continuous change is an inevitable event in any river that makes changes in other geometric characteristics of the river as the water and sediment are moving throughout the riverbed. Today, rivers are constantly eroding due to several reasons such as continuous exploitation, construction of intersecting structures, and uncontrolled extraction of sand. To prevent drastic changes and preserve rivers, recognizing the behavior of the river and performing appropriate engineering activities has always been the concern of engineers involved in this field.

Therefore, using the principles of river engineering and reviewing the history of floods, management actions should be taken to balance the river and prevent erosion.




These studies are existed to evaluate the volume and severity of floods, minimize the flood damage, protect bridges, residential houses, control erosion, and provide the necessary safety during floods. 

Other objectives for conducting these studies are: 1-investigating the stability of the intervals, 2-reviewing the slope changes, and 3-estimating the repair operations.


Geographical location:

Aji Su river is located in Kalaleh, Golestan

Qarghjiq and Anneh Kari rivers are located in Maraveh Tappeh, Golestan.


Description of activities:

In this project, to achieve the mentioned goals, reports were compiled and presented into two principal and specialized sections, each of which includes the following headings:

principal studies are as follows:

– Physiographic studies

– Meteorological studies

– Hydrological studies

– Geological and geomorphological studies

– Land use studies and river vegetation studies

– Loan sources

– Legal studies

– Socio-economic studies

– Quality studies and utilization of river water and sediment

Specialized studies also include the following:

– Morphology of the river

– Hydraulic river flow

– Hydraulic modeling of river flow, materials, and methods

– Flood and its effects

– Erosion and sediment

– Environmental effects

– Determining and organizing the bed and area of ​​rivers

– summarization and combination

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