Organizing Studies of Ziarat River – from Azad University upstream

Contract number:/22476/305/96/23

Contract specifications:

  1. Contract specifications:

Contract Title: Organizing Studies of Ziarat River – from Azad University upstream

  • Contract number: / 22476/305/96/23
  • Date of contract: 03.18.2018
  • Contract period: 3 months
  • Employer: Golestan Regional Water Company

Description Service


Protection of riverbed against erosion factors and management of sand extraction include the construction of transverse and longitudinal structures, as well as improvement of path and vegetation measures. In general, these measures facilitate the exploitation of the river and adjacent lands.

Due to the location of the river and the instability of its wall, water engineering studies (river – hydraulic) and execution operation of the sealing wall is necessary to stabilize the river and its constructed structures.

The second phase study of organizing the Ziarat River was assigned by Golestan Regional Water Company to Mouj Ab Fan company, in 2018.


The studies are conducted to minimize the damage caused by floods, protection of bridges, residential houses, erosion control, and provide the necessary safety during floods. Control and investigation of the first stage study, design, estimation of executive operations of flood control structures, and preparation of executive plans are other objectives of the project.


Geographical location:

The study area is located in Golestan province and includes a part of the Ziarat river between Azad University and Seyed Massoud bridge.


Performed activities:

Hydraulic design based on authentic criteria including:

– Investigating and scrutinizing the structures and components of the approved design

– Investigating and scrutinizing the hydraulic calculations of the approved option

-Determining the dimensions and geometric characteristics of the design components at an appropriate scale

– Preparation of required maps including location and sections at an appropriate scale

– Determining the required area of the river, desired design, and information required for modeling

– Monitoring operations and laboratory studies until the results are obtained

Structural design of each component and performing calculations

Prepare and submit reports and executive plans

Prepare and provide exploitation and maintenance instructions

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