increase the efficiency in water transfer from water source to farmlands

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Parto Banavar

supervision of workshop and superior irrigation and drainage networks of a cooperative company’s lands called Parto Banavar, Gomishan

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In recent years, the water situation in the Golestan province has been declared to be critical due to Severe water shortage, rainfall reduction, decreasing groundwater level, and drying aqueducts and wells. The existence of numerous mazes in water transfer canals, not dredging the streams and water supply networks, removing inhibitors such as thorns, debris, and weeds in traditional irrigation methods, are all the main factors in wasting the irrigation water. 

The basic solution to reduce water consumption in agriculture is the use of modern irrigation methods. In this regard, water transformation from the water supply source to the fields can play a significant role in increasing the efficiency of water transfer. Moreover, the irrigation efficiency is improved compared with the traditional streams.

For this purpose, the water and soil management of Golestan Agricultural Jihad Organization made several contracts with Mouj Ab Fan consulting engineering to increase the efficiency in water transfer from water source to farmlands. 

The general obligation of Mouj Ab Fan is to study, design, and monitor the implementation of water transfer projects in the Golestan province.


The Necessity of Implementing the plan

The most significant advantages of Tubular water transfer over open and traditional water transfer channels include the following:

water wastage and evaporation prevention

Easier and faster water transfer

Preventing the salinization of irrigation water through keeping Water from contacting the canal route soil

not entering the weed seeds into the irrigation water

Solving social problems and preventing local conflicts

Occupying the minimum area and preventing the wastage of cultivated area 

Increasing the efficiency and the possibility of a larger area irrigation

Increasing the productivity 


geographical location

The study area is located in Golestan, Iran, with an area of ​​۲۰,۴۳۷ square kilometers, occupying 1.3% of ​​Iran. The exact location of Golestan is between 25.36-8.38 of northern latitude and 50.53-11.56 of eastern longitude, encompassed by the Republic of Turkmenistan from the north, North-Khorasan from the east, Semnan from the south, and Mazandaran and the Caspian Sea from the west.

The area of ​​arable land in the Golestan province is estimated to be 717 thousand hectares, of which 346 thousand hectares are irrigated lands and 371 thousand hectares are rain-fed lands. Currently, about 87% of the Golestan province’s water resources (surface and underground) are used for agriculture, 10% for drinking water, and 3% for the industry.


Performed activities:

Study and design stage

1- visiting the transfer route field and investigating the extracted amount of water from the water source.

2- Meeting with the partners of common wells and examining the appropriate points for the location of catchments and irrigated lands covered by the relevant source.

3- Determining the exact location of the water transfer route in the agricultural lands and the location of water intake points on aerial maps.

4- Sending a surveying team to measure the height of the water transfer route.

5- Implementing the agricultural lands in the topographic maps.

6- Designing the transmission lines and location of structures on the longitudinal profile and route plan of the transmission line.

7- determining the diameter and material of the pipeline, and estimating the required equipment

8- Determining the Contractor to perform the executive operations

9- Monitoring the implementation of the plan

Moujabfan Consulting Engineering was established in 2000, relying on the valuable experiences of experienced engineers. Moreover, prominent and specialized university professors have collaborated with the company to achieve this goal.

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