The second phase study of prioritized lands’ drainage at the level of 75,000 hectares

The second phase study of prioritized lands’ drainage at the level of 75,000 hectares

The drainage problem, lack of complete disposal of surface runoff, the existence of ponded water due to the low soil permeability, have led to the lack of waterways and natural canals with the desired capacity for runoffs in Golestan province. Therefore, the preliminary study of drainage plan has been performed for the northern lands of Gorganrood and Qarasu.

Project Appearance



Considering the size of the region and the lack of funds for the study and implementation of drainage projects, the Water and Sewerage Company put these projects on the agenda. its priority is work and the capabilities of various companies. In this regard, the study of a region located in the north of Gonbad with an area of ​​۷۵,۰۰۰ hectares was assigned to Mouj Ab Fan Consulting Engineering.




Geographical location

 The exact coordinate of the region is: X= 37° ۱۴′ to 37 30 and Y= 54° ۳۷′ to 55° ۱۰′

From the north to Bishak Tappeh lands

From the south to Cal Shour

From the east to Gonbad-Dashli-Brun road 

From the west to Aq Qala-Incheh-Burun road and Shour lake



Project Objectives

The main objectives of this project can be summarized as follows:

Using the existing potential for maintenance, storage, and transmission of floods

Rehabilitation of regional lands and agricultural development

Rehabilitation of pastures

Using the existing potential to produce water for agricultural and industrial uses

Developing the industry by creating conversion industries

Tourism development


Performed Activities

The general steps of conducting the studies are as follows:

Gathering the existing information and investigating it

Local visits

Basic studies including physiography, meteorology, hydrology, soil, vegetation, agriculture, and rangeland

Recognizing the existing problems and potentials

Investigating the hydraulic studies and basin floods

Reviewing the applicable plans and determining the components of the plan

Examining the loan materials and resources for plan components

Studying the flood and investigating the maintenance potential, flood diversion of existing rivers, and designing its components



Moujabfan Consulting Engineering was established in 2000, relying on the valuable experiences of experienced engineers. Moreover, prominent and specialized university professors have collaborated with the company to achieve this goal.

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