Tangli project has an area of about 5300 hectares

Irrigation and Drainage Network of Golestan Veterans Union (Tangli)

Tangli project has an area of about 5300 hectares. It also includes the main canals that are responsible for transferring water from Alagol Lake and the Tangli canal to the beginning of the project area.
Tangli water transfer canal has a cross-section of 5712 meters and a capacity of 1.5 cubic meters per second
Alagol water transfer canal has a cross-section of 2723 meters and a capacity of 2.6 cubic meters per second
At the end of the canals, a pumping station is designed on the water split basin, which delivers water from the basin to the beginning of the right and left canals. This has four pumps with a capacity of 650 liters per second and a wing height of 4.84 meters.

Geographical location
Tangli lands in Golestan province are located in the geographical coordinates of Y= 54° ۲۸′ to 54° ۳۷′ and X= 37° ۲۸′. They are limited to Turkmenistan from the north, to Incheh-Burun from the east, to the fish ponds of the water and sewerage company from the south, and the pastures and salt marshes from the west.


Project Objectives

Possibility of agriculture development by improving irrigation and drainage conditions and optimal use of surface water resources.

Increasing the agricultural production

Increasing the farmers’ incomes

Job creation in the project area

Performed Activities:

Monitoring the accuracy and quality of executive operations as follows:




The main Canal






Main drainage (MD)


Class 2


Class 3

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