studying and measuring the water resources evaluation network

studying and measuring the water resources evaluation network

The project of “studying and measuring the water resources evaluation network” was handed over to Mouj Ab Fan Consulting Engineering by Golestan Regional Water in consecutive years.
All the work steps were conducted jointly by the staff (Moj Ab Fan Company) and the employer (Basic Study Office of Golestan Regional Water Company) due to the description of services, the nature of the project, and the necessity of cooperation such as immediate information on rainfall and floods.

The principal services of the company in this contract are as follows:
Visiting the station, controlling and adjusting all the tools and equipment in terms of accuracy and precision
Replacing the station equipment if necessary
Controlling the operator’s work at the station, and teaching the operator how to record observations correctly
Investigation of statistical quality control based on the instructions of Iran Water Resources Management Company
Calculation of all meteorological, hydrological, and flood parameters and insert them in the relevant forms according to the instruction
Extracting the statistics of all devices and recording them in the database
Entering the information and statistical forms in the relevant database according to the instruction
Delivering the controlled statistics to the employer
Informing and sending the flood statistics to the employer immediately after the flood
Water sampling for chemical analysis of suspended load according to instruction
Sending a visiting report to the employer
Sending the rainfall report of the stations after each rainfall
Cooperation with the employer in service, maintenance, and repair of hydrometric devices

The reports submitted to the employer in the form of this contract are as follows:
Collection of measurement reports and station visits
Statistics reports of rain gauge and selected hydrometric stations
Collection of water resources status reports
Collection of river flood reports in Golestan province
Collection of snow metering reports and snow statistics in Golestan province.

Moujabfan Consulting Engineering was established in 2000, relying on the valuable experiences of experienced engineers. Moreover, prominent and specialized university professors have collaborated with the company to achieve this goal.

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