Workshop and superior supervision on the construction of telemetry building and laboratory of Zangian site

Contract number: 652/96

Contract specifications:

Supervising the construction and equipping of the telemetry building and laboratory of the Zangian site

Contract specifications:

Contract Title: Workshop and superior supervision on the construction of telemetry building and laboratory of Zangian site

Contract number: 652/96

Date of contract: 07.16.2017

Contract period: 12 months

Employer: Golestan Rural Water and Sewerage Company

Project Appearance


Project Appearance

The management of Golestan Rural Water and Sewerage Company decided to transfer the Gorgan management building and, also the rural water and sewage laboratory unit to the Zangian reservoir site. Therefore, this company, according to the existing circulars, standards, and Taking into account the opinions of the employer, designed the telemetry building and Zangian laboratory along with its landscaping and walling. After the plan was approved by the employer, the estimation of the work and tender documents were submitted to the employer for selecting the contractor. Then, the company took the responsibility of project supervision in the form of contract No. 652/96 dated 07.16.2017. The subject of the project was “workshop and superior supervision of construction and equipping the telemetry building and laboratory of Zangian site”. 


Geographical location

Gorgan is located in the southwestern part of Golestan province. This city is limited to Aq Qala and Bandar-e-Turkmen from the north, to Semnan from the south, to Aliabad from the east and to Kordkuy from the west.

The implementation scope of the project is located in Zangian village, Gorgan.

project Objectives

Providing the standard and suitable space for the activities of the rural water and wastewater laboratory unit of Golestan

Providing a suitable space for rural water and wastewater management activities of Gorgan

Performed activities

pre-contract services of a contractor are as follows:

Modeling, designing, and quantity surveying and estimating of telemetry and laboratory building according to the opinions of the employer

Preparation of tender documents for selecting a contractor

Preparation and arrangement of the contractor’s contract

Planning services, determining the method of execution, controlling the progress of work

investigating and approving the detailed project schedule

investigating and approving the contractor manpower and machinery

Monthly work progress report review, comparison

investigating the monthly work progress report, comparing the performed operations with the schedule, analyzing the causes of deviation from the schedule, providing solutions to compensate them, and reflecting in the revised schedule according to the preliminary report of the workshop supervision factors

– revising and updating the general schedule according to the progress of the work and based on the reports and analyses received according to the preliminary report of the workshop supervisors

Engineering Services

Revising the plan and suggesting changes

investigating and approving the list of required manpower, machine and tools for implementation, principal materials, and project equipment

Preparation of detailed supplementary plans and detailed executive plans for the full implementation of the work to the extent that there are no bottlenecks and problems due to the defect of the plan or agenda

Job referral services

Referral of ancillary services required by the project during the construction period such as surveying, geology, geotechnics, the strength of materials, and geophysics

– Coordination services, implementation, workshop delivery, temporary delivery

– Planning the coordination meetings with the supervision unit, the employer, contractor, and other factors involved in the project, and organization of these meetings regularly, considering issues and obstacles to the implementation of work, recording the decisions, and following them according to the preliminary report of workshop supervisors

– Communicating safety instructions, periodic visits regarding the observance of technical protection, safety and health instructions by contractors, and providing appropriate solutions about the preliminary report of workshop supervision agents

– leading and controlling the supervision of defect elimination operations, participating in the defect elimination review commission, and preparing the minutes of defect elimination with the cooperation of workshop supervision agents

– Delivery and approval of project documents to the employer such as construction plans, management instructions, and maintenance

Quality control services

Estimation services, control of payments and expenses, legal affairs of contracts

Services related to the trial exploitation period and final delivery


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