Studies on the construction of the Sufi equestrian and horse breeding complex

Detailed Studies regarding the Construction of the Sufi Equestrian and Horse Breeding Complex

Horse breeding has been common in Iran for a long time and our educated ancestors have paid special attention to this valuable animal. In this regard, Golestan province, as the origin and cradle of purebred Turkmen horses, is one of the poles of horse breeding and equestrianism in the country.


The Necessity of Studies:
Passion and interest in Kalaleh city and Sufi village for horse breeding and equestrian sports
The desire of the Sufi people to host the pure-bred horse festival
Allocating a part of the village lands to this issue
The dependence of the aborigines on this kind of occupation economically
Favorable environmental conditions such as a suitable and spacious place, mild climate, access roads, and etc.

Main goals

• Creating a fun environment with healthy entertainment to nurture the soul and body of the youth
• Strengthening the friendship between people and the environment
• Reconciling society, especially youth and children, with Iranian-Islamic equestrian sports
• Increasing the desire of young people to participate in international competitions
• promoting equestrian culture in the community by providing a wide range of equestrian services based on academic equestrian education
• Horse health care in a law-abiding family-friendly environment
• Existence of pure-bred Turkmen horses in this region and the necessity to protect and prevent them from extinction

Geographical Location
The proposed location for the construction of the Equestrian and Horse Breeding Club is a 5.5-hectare land located in the Sufian village, 10 km away from Kalaleh. According to the administrative divisions of Iran, this village is located in the central part of Kalaleh city and in Tamran village. The proximity of the proposed site to the nature and to the residential areas has had a significant impact on the final plan.

Moujabfan Consulting Engineering was established in 2000, relying on the valuable experiences of experienced engineers. Moreover, prominent and specialized university professors have collaborated with the company to achieve this goal.

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