Plan to change the use of steep agricultural lands to fruitful orchards

Plan to change the use of steep agricultural lands to fruitful orchards

The current agricultural usage of the inclined lands is one of the main causes of floods in the Golestan province and causes 22 tons per hectare of annual soil erosion. This being the case, all the investments in governmental and non-governmental sectors of the plains are being threatened. Therefore, creating permanent vegetation through the construction of productive gardens in these lands is the main solution to this problem


Tolls and damages of inclined lands before the implementation of the project:
Soil erosion of the desired lands equivalent to 22 tons per hectare
Reduction of biological fertility of lands
Creation of runoff and wastage of surface water
Decrease in household income
Sedimentation of sediments in irrigation facilities and canals

Project goals:
Changing the use of low-yield or damaged lands to gardens for optimum exploitation and preserving water and soil resources, which includes the following goals:

Increasing the water permeability to soil and nourishing groundwater aquifers
Creating a green protection belt in the upstream forests
Sustainable development and production
Providing the edible oil required by the country
Increasing the production of dried fruits for domestic consumption and export
Creating and maintaining productive and sustainable employment
Encouraging the landlords to develop the dry farming of the proposed products in the project along with supplementary irrigation and long-term income stability for users in these areas
Creating rich vegetation in inclined and low-yield lands
Establishment of conversion industries in the fields of olives and other products
Creating a healthy environment

geographical location:
The project area is located in the Qarahsoo and Gorganrood watersheds, which has the best location and spatial potential for fruitful gardens in terms of climatic conditions. The average temperature of this area is 13.5 ° C, the annual evaporation is 1000 mm, the annual rainfall is 600 mm, and the average height of arable lands and inclined gardens is about 250 meters.

Performed Activities
Consulting services have been performed in three general sections and in each section, the necessary analysis has been done specifically.

Irrigation monitoring
green level Determination

Moujabfan Consulting Engineering was established in 2000, relying on the valuable experiences of experienced engineers. Moreover, prominent and specialized university professors have collaborated with the company to achieve this goal.

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