Irrigation and drainage network systems

Mouj Ab Fan Consulting Engineering has been operating since its establishment as one of the renowned engineering units in the field of irrigation and drainage. This company is the only consultant with grade 1 in irrigation and drainage specialty in the northern part of Iran, which has succeeded in carrying out large and key projects. It has also been able to take effective steps in improving the water and soil situation in the working areas.
Successful completion of phase zero, one, and detailed studies, design, and supervision on the implementation of main and secondary irrigation and drainage networks equipping and renewing the lands, water distribution systems in the farmlands, improvement of drainage networks, Implementation of plans for matching wells and water transmission lines, as well as studies of development plans for irrigation and drainage systems, etc.

The company’s services in the field of irrigation and drainage

Technical and economic feasibility studies, planning and water economics, integration of water resources, study, design, and supervision of irrigation and drainage network systems and related structures, supervision on the implementation of Water supply networks, water deviation facilities, Water diversion structure, and groundwater artificial recharge systems, etc.

Water and wastewater facilities

Mouj Ab Fan has provided considerable services in carrying out projects in the field of water and sewage facilities, water supply, water treatment, desalination systems, and collection and disposal of surface water throughout cities, villages, and industrial towns.
The study, design, and supervision on implementation of transition lines, urban and rural water distribution networks, study, design, and supervision on construction of water tanks, water and sewage refinery, sewage collection and disposal network, surface water collection networks, water pumping stations, and drinking water development projects can be named as some of the company’s significant activities in this field.

Company’s services in the specialty of water and sewage facilities:

Technical and economic feasibility studies of projects, study, design, and supervision on the implementation of water collection projects and transmission lines, water intake facilities, water distribution networks, reservoirs, pumping stations, water refineries, desalination facilities and related buildings, physical subsidence calculations and leak detection of urban water networks, collection and transfer of municipal and industrial wastewater and related refineries, use of purified sewage, collection and transfer of surface water, Design of maintenance systems, program repairs, telemetry systems, remote control, etc.

River protection and engineering

River engineering is the science of river exploitation in various fields that guarantee the sustainable development of the river system. The ultimate goal is to create a balance between the exploitation of rivers to meet human needs while minimizing the negative effects and protecting the river ecosystem. Mouj Ab Fan Consulting Engineering also works in this direction and offers its services at the highest quality level.

The main actions of the company in the field of study, design, and supervision in the field of river engineering can be listed as follows:

• Protecting the wall and the river border against erosion
• Flood control and protection of riverside lands against floods
• Stabilizing the river route to ensure proper access and exploitation
• Recycling of eroded lands due to changes in river direction
• Organizing the river to create suitable conditions for transportation
• Determining the bed and area of the river
• Adjusting the river channel to develop the use of river coastal lands in accordance with risk analysis
• Determining the boundaries of beaches, artificial and natural lakes, and wetlands
• Protecting the seashores, ports, lakes, design of piers and breakwaters
• Determining the rules and requirements of shipping and river transport
• Potential identification and exploitation of river sand resources
• Coastal land risk analysis against storms and Tsunamis
• Naturalization of rivers and coasts
• Rehabilitation and organization of rivers

Company’s services in the field of river engineering:
Study, design, and supervision of river engineering projects, protection and stabilization of riverbeds, construction of retaining walls, bridges and water diversion facilities, flood control studies, flood warning systems, flood regulations, coastal protection studies, planning and managing the river exploitation

Execution and improvement of office and residential buildings

The company’s services in building and construction groups are as follows:
Preparation of plan, static calculations, execution of structures and their static evaluation, design, calculation, monitoring, and execution of various structures, evaluation studies to examine the strength of existing structures against various internal and external forces, conducting studies and preparing preliminary plans, the primary and secondary stages of energy consumption management, supervising the implementation of projects such as residential, office, educational, research, sports, cultural, artistic, health, thermal therapy centers, laboratories, conducting studies, planning, and restructuring urban decay buildings, etc.

New irrigation systems

Despite the significant development of industry in the last century, agriculture is still the main source of livelihood in the world. Therefore, agriculture and animal husbandry play a prominent role in the world’s economy. Water shortage, however, is the main problem of this group. This being the case, modern irrigation systems to reduce water consumption and increase agricultural efficiency is considered as a suitable solution.
Mouj Ab Fan Consulting Engineering has also provided its services at a wide level during its activity period by having specialized and experienced staff in this field.
The company’s most important services include:
Study and design of pressurized irrigation networks in farms and orchards (selection of appropriate irrigation system according to land conditions, type of crop, method and amount of water supply, and other related conditions), Monitor the implementation and exploitation of these systems, water consumption management in farms and gardens, Preparation of pressurized irrigation sample farms and, etc.

Agriculture, animal husbandry, and watershed management

Mouj Ab Fan is headquartered in Golestan province, which is one of the agricultural hubs in scientific and practical fields. Therefore, performing the scientific elites and capabilities of agricultural graduates and natural resources, as well as agricultural development is one of the key goals of Mouj Ab Fan Consulting Engineering.
This being the case, the department of agriculture and natural resources is one of the specialized engineering departments of Mouj Ab Fan, which has had a prominent place in the field of consulting services for several years and has been the source of effects in development and construction.

The activity area of the Agriculture Department, Natural Resources and Animal Husbandry:

• Feasibility studies and assessment of ecological potential
• Technical and economic studies of agriculture
• Preparation of comprehensive plans for the development and revitalization of agriculture, natural resources, and animal husbandry
• Resource assessment studies and land suitability (soil science)
• Study and design of agricultural complexes (agricultural, horticultural, greenhouse, and animal husbandry)
• Detailed and executive studies of watershed management, comprehensive management of catchment areas, forests, and rangelands
• Study and design of flood control and distribution sites
• Preparation of land-use maps, national and government lands’ cadaster
• Participation in design and construction projects (EPC) in the field of agriculture, natural resources, and animal husbandry
Supervising the implementation of the above-mentioned executive plans
The company’s services in the specialty of agriculture, animal husbandry, anad, watershed management are as follows:
Feasibility studies, technical studies and agricultural economics, preparation of comprehensive plans for agricultural development, natural resources, and animal husbandry, studying, planning, and preparing the plans and projects in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, veterinary, forest, and rangeland studies, conservation of soil and water in watersheds, Sand stabilization and land capability studies, mechanization, equipping and renovating farms, organizing and integrating lands, preparing irrigation and drainage networks in farms and gardens, leveling and improving lands, inter-farm road network, soil science and land improvement, the establishment of agricultural, livestock and greenhouse complexes, development of rural and nomadic, improvement of cultivation pattern, supervision of farm and garden exploitation, etc.

survey engineer in construction site use theodolite mark a concrete pile co ordinate

Since the Mouj Ab Fan’s establishment, it has had more than 20 years of brilliant experience in surveying. This unit is considered as an equipped, precise, and fast section due to using up-to-date equipment, experienced, resourceful, and academically educated staff.
The company’s services in the field of mapping include:
Surveying using appropriate equipment, regional, urban, and cadastral map generation, implementing plans including river routes, canals, pipelines, power transition, urban, and registration maps, preparing longitudinal and transverse profiles, ground aggregation and separation, determination and measurement of photogrammetric ground control points as well as preparation of digital elevation model (DEM), performing cartographic processing, drone mapping,
processing of images and maps, design and creation of geographic information systems (GIS), collecting and preparing spatial information to enter the geographic information system, cartographic processing and digital mapping of prepared maps, digitization, spatial data conversion to GIS-ready, etc.

Training and Education

Since the development and dissemination of knowledge is one of the significant goals of Mouj Ab Fan, the provision of educational services has been put on the company’s agenda to promote technical and engineering sciences. Therefore, we expanded our activities in this field by obtaining the approval of training courses from the Management and Planning Organization as well as the National Standardization Organization.

The services provided by Mouj Ab Fan Training Institute are as follows:

Providing educational services in specialized fields of water engineering, surveying, structures, as well as holding workshops and training courses in the fields of standard development, quality management systems in the fields of construction, materials, and construction products.


Moujabfan Consulting Engineering was established in 2000, relying on the valuable experiences of experienced engineers. Moreover, prominent and specialized university professors have collaborated with the company to achieve this goal.

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